Ingvalson's Café

Finally, summer is here! We are repeating last year’s success and opening the doors to the Bjørgo house, which was built in Highland, Iowa, United States, 1902.

Here, there will be an open café selling coffee, Norwegian waffles, and ice cream, and a little drawing area for children.

Open Hours

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11am to 3pm

Feel free to combine your trip to the Ingvalson's café with a trip to the museum. All summer, there will be a tour guide who can take you on a guided tour through the museum and museum park where you can experience the calm of the Oak Ridge church, sit on the school benches in the Leet-Christopher Schoolhouse and experience what waited for the Norwegian settlers in America.
We welcome you to the Norwegian Emigrant Museum!
Norwegian Webpage:

  • Kafébord utenfor Bjørgohuset.