The bicentennial commemoration of Norwegian emigration to America

On June 13 The Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence of the Parliament of Norway visited the Norwegian Emigrant Museum with its representatives Anniken Huitfeldt, the chair of the committee (the Labor Party), and Hårek Elvenes (the Conservative Party). Along with the committee secretary Eivind S. Homme and representatives from Anno Museum, the foundation board of the Norwegian Emigrant Museum, the Hedmark County council, the municipality of Stange, and Stange Historical Society, the representatives were given an introduction to the goals of the museum and its plans for the bicentennial commemoration of Norwegian emigration in 2025.

The museum director gave the particpants a tour of the museum archives and the museum buildings. They also met historian Daron W. Olson of Indiana University East in the USA, who did research in the museum archives, and the museum intern Annie Smith of Brigham Young University in Utah, USA.

In a letter of appreciation following the visit, the parliamentary committee chair Anniken Huitfeldt wrote the following;

«We thought (…) that it was especially of interest to gain an insight in how you are planning your preparations for the significant bicentennial commemoration of Norwegian emigration to the USA in 2025. The museum has an important task in illuminating the cultural development in immigrant countries and their ties to Norway and Norwegian culture, and to gain knowledge from this fact and tie these findings to recent immigration to Norway.»

The chair also sent her wishes for the continuing work and preparations for the celebration in 2025.